1+1=Infinite Possibilities
ADG plus Chenega


On January 2nd,
ADG Creative officially joined
the Chenega family of companies.

(and the equation = awesomeness.)

ADG is bringing Innovation and Digital Transformation to a global company that’s been transforming the world we live in, one success at a time.

ADG is now part of the MIOS Strategic Business Unit (SBU) of the Chenega Corporation, an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska. Things are about to get very interesting.

What's an ANC?
Headquartered in Alaska, Chenega operates in 48 states and across the globe. Chenega's worldwide presence includes Dubai, Belfast, Asia, and Latin America.

Chenega Corporation has five Strategic Business Units (SBUs) with a substantial portfolio of Affiliates serving businesses and government agencies. Chenega’s combined capabilities provide its clientele with the insight and tools needed to keep pace in an ever-changing world.

Military, Interlligence, & Operations Support
Military, Intelligence & Operations Support

Intelligence Support & Operations, Decision Sciences, Cyber & Enterprise Management, IT Optimization and Cloud Migration, Linguistics, Logistics, and Training.


Security & Vulnerability Services, Maritime Transportation Security, Fire Services, Electronic Security Systems, and Physical Security.

Environmental, Healthcare, & Facilities
Environmental, Healthcare, & Facilities

Medical Facilities Management & Services, Healthcare Staffing, Environmental Management, IT, Integrated Logistics, Base Operations Support, and Light Manufacturing.

Professional Services
Professional Services

IT Infrastructure, Enterprise Architecture, System Development, Information Assurance, Web Development, Training & Education, and Program Management.

Commercial Services
Commercial Services

Electrical, Telecom, Power Design, Estimating, and Construction Services for Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial, and Government Projects.


Greater than the sum of its parts.

In business, a 1 + 1 = Infinite Possibilities only happens when two organizations join together and create something exponentially greater than themselves. Something that delivers capability, reach, and experience that is beyond expectation, and influences change for the better. Chenega’s success, global footprint, reputation, and work, combined with ADG’s anthropology, engineering, human-centered design, and strategy all add up to Digital Transformation with impact.

Right Brain
Left Brain


The broader Chenega organization will expose ADG to business lines and subject matter expertise that will expand the agency’s reach into new industries, while the MIOS Strategic Business Unit (ADG’s new home!) will extend its understanding, experience, and opportunities within the Defense vertical. Additionally, MIOS’ process-driven rigor and discipline coupled with ADG’s strategy and innovation focus will provide a powerhouse of end-to-end solutions.



Technology transformation succeeds only when it is coupled with trust and engagement. ADG Chenega delivers it by partnering not only with organizations, but with people. It’s an approach we call “Humanology” – assuring that Tech is designed and built for people. When there is shared vision, the authentic exchange of ideas, and a promise of a better tomorrow, real impact and transformation occur.



Joining the Chenega family lets ADG bring more services to more clients in the government and commercial space. With Chenega’s more than 250 contracts and ADG’s user-centered approach, many more Federal entities will have access to services that will create and deliver better experiences for people. Better access + better information + better digital tools = better results. That’s an equation that will add up in anyone’s book.

Creative Thought
Process-Driven Execution


Chenega MIOS is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization. The Creatives of ADG are embracing an environment of proven management processes, enhanced program management, and operational efficiencies. We’re excited to have the most organized and tightly structured organic creative process of any agency.



What are the requirements? Sometimes, there’s no way to know. Clients, acquisition teams, and contractors rarely agree. Waterfall or Agile? Does it work? Do I want to use it? In the world of the Scrum, both objectivity and subjectivity have a place at the standup. This new partnership brings heavy doses of both, with the conviction to set the difficult course and the open-mindedness to change it.

you + us

Logic, function, technology, engineering, logistics, big data, cyber, and intelligence analysis... Healthcare, energy, facilities, and data science... Cultural and workplace anthropology, user experience, digital transformation, and human-centered design... When rational and emotional come together, the inherent benefits work together to drive transformation that helps organizations do amazing things. We couldn’t be prouder to be part of the Chenega family.

Buckle up, it’s gonna’ be a wild ride.

“The creative and innovative approaches to ADG’s digital offerings have fueled a successful partnership between Deloitte and ADG that has spanned both client engagements as well as making ADG a part of Deloitte Federal’s innovation program.”

Carl Bennett

Chief Innovations Officer

“My team developed a number of extremely complex cyber operations that were nearly impossible to describe. In these cases, we turned to ADG to distil the complicated, and help us present our work in a consumable, accurate and elegantly simple way. From the Hill to the White House, and the Pentagon to heads of State from around the world, ADG’s work has helped me deliver the right message to key decision makers and move our program forward.”

Steve Ryan

Former Deputy Director
NSA Threat Operations Center

Founder and CEO
Trinity Cyber LLC

“Cisco sought a Creative Agency to help our U.S. Defense Team drive a clear and bold message representing our innovative and delivery intuitive platforms to the warfighter and defense sector. We found the perfect partner in ADG Creative. They get digital, and challenge conventional thinking, putting us in a zone to raise our game and drive a new conversation in the market. From brand analysis, to strategy, to bold and thought-provoking content creation, ADG delivers beyond expectation.”

Carl De Groote

Sr. Director, US Public Sector
Cisco Systems

are you ready?


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